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Your Dryer Produces More Than Just Heat...

Household chores.... no one want's to do them. Right? What about if a chore can also be a fire preventative check, keeping your family and house safe? Doesn't sound like a chore anymore no does it?

Pulling your lint traps out regularly and cleaning them thoroughly is a key maintenance tip to help prevent a fire from igniting from the combination of the heat and dust/lint. Without cleaning the trap and vent system, the build up of lint and dust will cause the heat from the dryer... [ more ]




This past general monthly meeting, the membership approved "Life Membership" to another member of the LSFD. Steve Krippel who is Chief of the Fire Department has been active for 15 years at LSFD. Steve has dedicated so much of his time being a leader and role model for the firefighters and members of the department. We applaud him for his service and dedication his community and fellow firefighters.

Recently Deputy Steve Brookes was awarded "Life Membership" as... [ more ]



You Never Know

Saturday, December 20, 2014   You never know what you are going to need at an emergency call. Today the Lower Southampton Fire Department was called to a brush fire close to the Neshaminy Creek. Upon arrival a large fire consisting of old building timbers and brush surrounding it was seen on the way in. Engine 6 went in service with tank water, but it was uncertain if 750 gallons of water would take care of the job. Field 6 arrived on scene and immediately put the floating pump that is stored in the back into action... [ more ]



Santa Claus is Comin' to Town!!

"It's the most wonderful time of the year..." No, not because there is snow falling, or the traffic heading to the mall is horrendous... but what to my ears do I hear... the sound of Santa's sirens ringing clear!!

Yes, Santa is coming to our town again to visit the community before the big day! On December 20th, Santa will be escorted through the neighborhoods by the Lower Southampton Fire Dept. Listen for the sirens to announce Santa's arrival to your neighborhood. Santa will ... [ more ]




Thursday, November 13, 2014  Congratulations to Stephen Brookes on earning his Life Membership with the Lower Southampton Fire Department. To attain Life Membership a Member must server in the Department for 15 active years. This means that they must respond to a percentage of the Emergency calls, attend drills, attend work details, and be active in several other Department activities. This distinction is a great milestone and deserves great respect. Check out the Membership section for the other Life Members of the... [ more ]



Fire Prevention - It Shouldn't Last Only 31 Days

The importance of Fire Prevention is a topic that can seem like Fire Fighters push hard on to a point where you become tired of hearing it. October is National Fire Prevention Month but it should not just be a focus for four weeks. We need to be conscious of fire prevention 365 - 24/7. With daylight savings time coming up be sure to check your batteries on your smoke detectors but also consider changing your detectors out for new, 10 year warranty smoke detectors; and better yet, smoke detect... [ more ]



Halloween Safety Tips

Tuesday, October 14, 2014  Halloween is a time for the kids to have fun, dress up, knock on their neighbors' doors and see who gets the most candy. Sounds like fun to any child; sounds risky to a parent or adult. Children may not understand the dangers or risks that are involved during tick or treating, such as is their costume reflective for traffic to see them? Are they carrying flashlights to help see where they are walking and also help traffic see them? Are they traveling in groups with a chaperone?

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Lower Southampton Fire Prevention

Saturday, October 11, 2014 12-4pm October is around the corner. Yes, October, the beginning of Fall, the holiday of Halloween, colder weather, leaves changing, the days getting shorter.... But most importantly, October is Fire Prevention and Safety month. If you haven't already, October is your reminder to check/change your smoke detector and batteries. Consider (if you haven't already) purchasing wireless interconnected smoke detectors at your local home improvement store. Check your household fire extinguisher. Is it out of... [ more ]



Vehicle Fire Simulator Training

Monday, September 15, 2014   Some of the Members of the LSFD went to Ivyland Fire Department to partake in some training on the Vehicle Fire Simulator from the Bucks County Public Safety Training Center. This simulator provides a safe environment to train on how to handle a vehicle fire. The video here shows Seniz Warner, Kevin Jurgelewicz, and Greg Spector "putting out" the fire. This simulator works off of propane and while it is controlled can still push fire from under the hood and trunk lids. Watch as they wor... [ more ]



Pancake Breakfast

 Come on out and join the LSFD for a Pancake breakfast on 28 Sep at the Neshaminy Activity Center on Brownsville Road. Hope to see you there!. 



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