Lower Southampton Fire Department

Building Fire on Sterner Mill Road

Friday, December 27, 2013 21:26  The Lower Southampton Fire Department responded to an emergency call this evening along with Stations 1, 65, 2, 4, and 84. The call originally came in as smoke and fire coming from a building. Upon arrival the responding companies found a trailer home with flames coming from the side furthest from the street. The blaze was extinguished and no other structures were damaged. We keep the family in our prayers during this difficult time. At this time there have been no reports of Fire Fight... [ more ]



Christmas Time is Near - Some Helpful Tips and Videos to Stay Safe

Houses are decorated, trees are trimmed, stockings are hung and fire places soaring. The smell of the pine needles fill your house along with the smell of.... FIRE? Well all of that sounds great except for that last part. Here are some tips to help prevent fires from becoming apart of your seasonal traditions.

  • Between 2007-2011, U.S. fire departments responded to an average of 230 home fires that started with Christmas trees per year.
  • On average, one of ev... [ more ]



2014 LSFD Officers

Friday, December 13, 2013  We would like to introduce our 2014 Fire Officers and Book Officers

Chief Steven Krippel                        President Dan Walsh

Deputy Stephen Brookes                 Vice President Mike Abramiuk
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LSFD responds to a vehicle into a building

Wednesday, December 11, 2013 0818 The LSFD was dispatched to a vehicle into the building. Rescue 6 and Engine 6 responded.  Rescue 6's crew checked vehicle and building and found no fire hazard. Crews spread oil dry to stop all the vehicle's oil from running down the side walk. The vehicle's oil pan was cut open when it ran over a fire hydrant. Assistant Chief 4 stood by until L&I got on scene. Rescue 6 took up from the scene to respond to a QRS call.



What an accomplishment

 Ever wonder what it takes to become a Fire Fighter? Well ask any of the new Members of the LSFD and they will tell you, it takes a LOT of hard work and training, over 190 hours of it at the Bucks County Public Safety Training Center! Yes that is ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY hours! That training includes basic commands, the knowledge of the tools of the trade, basic fire suppression skills, and much more. It starts out slow, usually with a bunch of Power Point slides and classroom instruction.... [ more ]



Thanksgiving Cooking Tips

Here are some great cooking tips to keep in mind this holiday weekend. So many fires around this time are caused due to cooking mishaps. Take extra precaution when cooking your Thanksgiving meals by reading the tips provided in this file! Have a happy, healthy and SAFE Thanksgiving!



Before you Turn that Heater on...



Congratulations Neshaminy Girls Soccer

Saturday, November 16, 2013   The Members of the Lower Southampton Fire Department would like to congratulate the Neshaminy Girls Soccer team for their win for the State Finals!!!! Excellent Job! On Saturday Morning Engine 6 and the Command vehicle made their way to the Neshaminy High School to see off the Girls when they left for Harrisburg. Those that made that trip in the morning would like to think that they added a little bit of luck to the team (although skill had a lot to do with the win). The Engine and Comm... [ more ]




Tuesday, October 29, 2013  The Officers and Members would like to Congratulate Firefighter Greg Spector and his wife on the birth of their baby girl Lilyanna Grace. Another small addition to the LSFD Family. Best wishes to you guys and your whole family.



It's Getting Cold... take Precautions!

With the coming cooler temperatures brings the first frost, seeing your breath and... brace yourself... SNOW; we all must consider what these temperatures bring other than the shivers. The National Fire protection Agency has created a tip sheet to educate you on the proper precautions to take to prepare you, your family and your home for these freezing temperatures. The fire department typically see's a rise in fire call during the winter months due to the use of fire places, furnaces, space ... [ more ]



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