Lower Southampton Fire Department

Rescue Box

Thursday, February 1, 2018   The Lower Southampton Fire Department along with the Lower Southampton Police Department and the Tri Hampton Rescue Squad responded to Overlook Rd for a vehicle crash with one vehicle on its side. 
Chief 6 arrived and confirmed the occupant of the vehicle was still in the vehicle and unable to get out on her own. R6, E6 and SS6 arrived, stabilized the vehicle and made access to the lone o... [ more ]



2018 Officers

Sunday, January 7, 2018  Fire Officers

Chief - Stephen Brookes

Deputy - John Boyle

Assistant - Mark Young

Battalion - Lou Ward

Captain - Joe McFadden

Lieutenant 6 - Kevin Jurgelewicz

Lieutenant 6-1 - Ryan Brookes

Safety Officer - Brian Therien

QRS Coordinator - Eric Morgovsky

Water Team Coordinator - Joe McFadden

Chief Engineer - Jim Taylor

Engineer - Jac... [ more ]



Bucks County CODE Blue

Friday, January 5, 2018   From Bucks County Emergency Services

Bucks County is currently operating under a CODE BLUE, which has now been extended until ( 0700hrs Tuesday 1/9/2018)  Lower Bucks shelter location is Woodside Presbyterian Church 1667 Edgewood Rd, Lower Makefield Twp, Central Bucks shelter location is Trinity Episcopal Church - 2631 Durham Rd, Buckingham Twp , Upper Bucks shelter location is Quakertown Masonic Lodge 501 W. Broad S... [ more ]



Clear Fire Hydrants

Thursday, January 4, 2018   With the impending snow storm todos please help us help you! Be a hydrant hero...



Blood Drive

Tuesday, January 2, 2018   What a perfect Christmas gift... The gift of life!Please come out on Jan 2, 2018 and support our Holiday Blood drive. 
The gift that is needed any time of year!



Santa is coming to town!!!!!

 Santa Clause is coming to the Lower Southampton Fire Department's area on 16 December 2017. Be alert for the fire sirens roaming around town during the day and come on our to greet Santa and his helpers! 

Stay safe and keep alert. Even though the weather is warm now, roads can be slick and dangerous! 

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!



2017 Officers

Friday, January 13, 2017   2017 Fire Line Officers

Chief Steven Krippel

Deputy Chief Stephen Brookes

Assistant Chief John Boyle

Battalion Chief Mark Young

Captain Joe McFadden

Lieutenant Kevin Jurgelewicz

Safety Officer Ron Riccobene

Chief Engineer Jim Taylor

Assistant Chief Engineer Lou Ward

Engineer Jack James

Engineer Orlando Dingui

Engineer Chris Dixon

more ]



Early Morning Fire

Tuesday, November 15, 2016 0051  Lower Southampton Fire Dept. and Trevose Fire Co. was dispatched for a report of a house fire in the Oakford section of the TWP. Crews found a small fire in the basement by the heater. The fire was contained to the heater area. Crews had to do some overhaul and ventilation of the house. The scene was handed over to the LSTWP Fire Marshall for investigation. 



Members Always Wanted and Needed

Tuesday, December 1, 2015  Our department is always growing and always looking for new members. Help support your community. Many different volunteer opportunities are available. From Fire Fighter, Junior Fire Fighter, Fire Police and Associate Member. If you haven't thought about serving your community, take this opportunity to consider if one of these positions could suit you. Call or email to find out more information and to perhaps sit down with an officer/member to ask some questions and find out more. Take a look... [ more ]



Trick or Treat is a Serious Topic!

Almost time to put on your costume. Almost time to grab you candy bag to collect your loot. But what is really inside that bag of yours? Does anyone look at the "treats" that are given out? See the attached photos that touches on these important safety tips for your trick or treaters!!  Be safe this Halloween.



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