Lower Southampton Fire Department



To quote a Bill Murray movie which describes this week so far for the Lower Southampton Fire Dept... "Where have you been soldier?"

"Training, sir."

"Training, sir!"

"What kind of training?"

"Army training, sir."

"Army training, sir!"

It has been preached in several "Firehouse" magazine articles, Facebook group topic discussions and within every single firehouse, training.... you need to train to increase your ability as a firefighter and as a fire department. Well, this week, the Lower Southampton Fire Dept, as well as many other surrounding department have been hard at work in honing their skills in ladder operations, ventilation, forcible entry, breaching walls, advancing hose lines, primary and secondary search and rescue and driver/operator training.

Starting on Monday this week, Station 6 hosted surrounding departments at Tawanka TLC center (Tawanka Elementary School). To aid in the demolition of the school, Station 6 began training hard. Throughout the week and continuing through the weekend and ending on Monday night, Station 6 and its participating departments will have cut several holes in the roof, crawled through every inch of the school, drug hoselines into classroom following scenarios created by the officers, throwing ladders and climbing to the roof, forcing doors to classrooms, breaking through cinder block walls and much more.

We are grateful to have had this opportunity to train in so many firefighting skills and topics. We are glad our surrounding departments were able to partake in the training as well and appreciate their hard work and dedication to FIRE TRAINING SIR!!!

Thank you Northampton Fire Dept, Penndel Fire Dept, Warminster Fire Dept, Southampton Fire Dept, Feasterville Fire Dept, Langhorne-Middletown Fire Dept, Fairless Hills Fire Dept and to all fire fighters participating in the training. Great job everybody!!