Lower Southampton Fire Department

Celebrate the Fourth Safely


The grill is hot, food tastes great and the kids are running around with Sparklers awaiting the big booms of fireworks that will rain over the sky come darkness. Lets take a second to recognize some of the concerns of that image.... What safety concerns do you see or think of?!

July 4th is a holiday where many don't think of the dangers, all caught up in the celebration of independence. According to the NFPA, The risk of fireworks injury was highest for young people ages 0-4, followed by children 10-14. On Independence Day, far more U.S. fires are reported than on any other day, and fireworks account for two out of five of those fires, more than any other cause of fires. Many don't connect the holiday to the injuries that occur - burns, fires and other injuries.

Be safe this holiday and keep your children safe as they enjoy their sparklers and watch in awe the amazing firework displays the professionals put on for us all. Happy 4th of July everyone!


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