Lower Southampton Fire Department

You Never Know


Saturday, December 20, 2014  You never know what you are going to need at an emergency call. Today the Lower Southampton Fire Department was called to a brush fire close to the Neshaminy Creek. Upon arrival a large fire consisting of old building timbers and brush surrounding it was seen on the way in. Engine 6 went in service with tank water, but it was uncertain if 750 gallons of water would take care of the job. Field 6 arrived on scene and immediately put the floating pump that is stored in the back into action. This pump supplied the water that was needed to extinguish the fire and to soak down the surrounding area so it would not rekindle. While this pump is not used very often, it came in handy on this call and proved to the department that it was worth having around. 

Great job to everyone that responded to this call and keep up the good work.