Lower Southampton Fire Department

Fire Prevention - It Shouldn't Last Only 31 Days


The importance of Fire Prevention is a topic that can seem like Fire Fighters push hard on to a point where you become tired of hearing it. October is National Fire Prevention Month but it should not just be a focus for four weeks. We need to be conscious of fire prevention 365 - 24/7. With daylight savings time coming up be sure to check your batteries on your smoke detectors but also consider changing your detectors out for new, 10 year warranty smoke detectors; and better yet, smoke detectors also can be connected wirelessly or hard wired  so if one goes off, they all go off.

Our fire department can assist in installing your detectors while also supplying your home with them to help keep you safe. Call now to set up a time to keep your home protected but more importantly, you and your family.

Check out the link below for a helpful Fire Prevention App you can download which provides some more helpful tips on smoke detectors, home escape plan help, fire extinguisher, space heaters, smoking, cooking, electrical wiring, first aid tips and tools, emergency preparedness tips for weather and other emergencies. The app is free and can be downloaded onto your tablet or iPhone/Android phone. The app was developed by Drexel University in conjunction with the Philadelphia Fire Department.