Lower Southampton Fire Department

Halloween Safety Tips


Tuesday, October 14, 2014 Halloween is a time for the kids to have fun, dress up, knock on their neighbors' doors and see who gets the most candy. Sounds like fun to any child; sounds risky to a parent or adult. Children may not understand the dangers or risks that are involved during tick or treating, such as is their costume reflective for traffic to see them? Are they carrying flashlights to help see where they are walking and also help traffic see them? Are they traveling in groups with a chaperone?

Dangers are there for trick-or-treaters but how about decorations that are on houses? Are pumpkins lit up with a flameless candle? How close are illuminaries to dried leaves, corn stalks or hay bails? Is there a clear path for trick-or-treaters to enter and exit your porch?

The National Fire Protection Association put together some tips to keep in mind during this Halloween season. Let's all live in the spirit of Halloween; but there is no need to have a real scare in your home this year! Happy Halloween!!