Lower Southampton Fire Department

Vehicle Fire Simulator Training


Monday, September 15, 2014  Some of the Members of the LSFD went to Ivyland Fire Department to partake in some training on the Vehicle Fire Simulator from the Bucks County Public Safety Training Center. This simulator provides a safe environment to train on how to handle a vehicle fire. The video here shows Seniz Warner, Kevin Jurgelewicz, and Greg Spector "putting out" the fire. This simulator works off of propane and while it is controlled can still push fire from under the hood and trunk lids. Watch as they work as a team to handle the hose, open the compartments, and put out the fire. It is truly a team effort. We would like to thank the Ivyland Fire Department for this great opportunity for training. 

Some key things to think about if you see a car on fire. DO NOT APPROACH unless you have protective gear on. The fire burns hot and can spread very quickly. Stay away from the bumpers, both front and rear. Many of these have compressed gas cylinders to help in low speed crashes, they will explode when the fire gets hot enough. They can and do shoot out from the vehicle with great force. The best course of action if you see a car fire is to call the Fire Department. 

Stay Safe!