Lower Southampton Fire Department

A long Journey


Thursday, August 14, 2014  Every Fire Fighter is required to attend "Fire School" to learn how to safely fight fires. That school is held locally at the Bucks County Public Safety Training Center (either in Doylestown or Bristol) and includes around 200 hours of training and practical exercises. Those that join the Fire Department attend that class, which can be taken in several different scheduling options. There is a "straight through" format where the student attends Monday through Friday all day every day for over a month. There is also the  two week days and one weekend day each week, or one weekend day each week. Yes that makes it MUCH longer to finish the class, but the flexibility is there for everyone so they can attend. Paul Schneider completed the last version, going one weekend day for a VERY long time. Congratulations to him on earning his "Black Hat" which in the LSFD means he can now enter a burning building to assist in fighting the fires!