Lower Southampton Fire Department

What is that Chill in the Air?


Sunday, August 31, 2014  Getting up in the morning and going out to get the paper may be a little chilling now-a-days. Yes the temperatures are starting to drop. The mornings are coming with that familiar chill in the air. And yes, it is Labor Day tomorrow, the official "End of Summer". Many of you are going to be grilling, partying, and just hanging out trying to get that last fun day in before the summer really goes away. 

Remember that there are some things that will be happening soon that need some attention now. If you have a fire place, you will probably be looking to use it soon. Make sure to get your chimney cleaned, check the flue, and make sure your damper works. If any of these are bad, you may be calling us and while we love to see you and talk to you, just maybe not under those circumstances! The heater in your house will probably be turned on soon too, please check that it is in order and have it serviced if it has not been done recently. 

Make sure that you have working Smoke Detectors and CO Detectors in your house. They save lives every day. You cannot see or smell CO, but it can kill you and your whole family. If you CO alarm goes off, get everyone (including pets) out of the house and shut the doors. Call 911 and we will come out and see what is going on. If you open doors and windows, we will not be able to find the source because the concentration of CO will go down, or disappear completely. 

Remember, SMOKE DETECTORS SAVE LIVES, and CO detectors are not bad either!