Lower Southampton Fire Department



Thursday, August 28, 2014  Yes it is that time of year again. The schools are open and our children are taking the bus; and yes some of them are driving to school every day. Please take a little extra time while you are out and about to keep an eye out for "our" (meaning ALL) children. They can do unexpected movements and often do not think about what that action may result in. This also means that our morning and afternoon commutes will include buses that are going to be stopping at every street (or so it seems) and school zones speed limits. PLEASE pay attention to these and plan on taking longer to get wherever you are going. 

Not only does this time of year mean buses and school zones, it is Fall, and that means deer will be running around more on the streets. This is another hazard that you should be looking out for. The deer do not understand that they should not be on the street! A crash with a deer will damage your vehicle, and can cause serious injuries. 

Stay Alert = Stay Alive!