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Premise Alert System: Helping Save Lives


We at the Lower Southampton Fire Dept. serve thousands of residents within the Lower Southampton Township and thousands more in the surrounding communities. It is our mission and core to help serve and protect those individuals. We appreciate your support to our cause and function. We ask that you take a second to understand that we all are different yet equal and have the same rights and privileges to each other. We as a Fire Department do not discriminate between gender, age, race or cognitive ability when it comes to helping someone in any (emergency) situation or circumstance.

The SPEAK Unlimited Inc. is a non-profit organization that was started in 2004 by a parent of a young man who has autism.  SPEAK was started to provide a vehicle to promote community safety programming and support to families.  SPEAK provides a range of services, free advocacy, family support and education and training to First Responders such as ourselves and EMT’s and police officers.

SPEAK developed a program called “The Premise Alert System” which caters to families and guardians and caregivers of those who are diagnosed with an intellectual disability while also assisting first responders to understand who is living in a household and what is some important information that could decrease any harm or danger to your family member.

The Premise Alert System is a free and voluntary safety program that supports individuals living with disabilities or challenges. It allows individuals and families to notify the police and other first responders about their special circumstances before a crisis.  Families or individuals simply fill out the form located on the website listed below and take it to their local police department.  The police department keeps one copy and sends the other copy to the 911 center. The information is entered into the data base and if the family needs to call 911 the information comes up on the call takers screen who then shares that information with the responder whose services are needed, fire, paramedic or police. The Premise Alert System is a unique safety program that supports individuals living with disabilities as well as police officers, first responders, and emergency services personnel.

Please take the opportunity to help protect your family. If you know of a family or organization that could benefit from this program, please take the time to give them the proper information to help keep everyone safe. If you have any questions or would like to speak to someone at the Lower Southampton Fire Dept regarding this information if you live within our community, please contact Bill James, 2nd Vice President of the Lower Southampton Fire Dept. at jms_wllm@yahoo.com or via cell, 267-968-3310. Thank you all very much and please stay safe!

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