Lower Southampton Fire Department

What a storm


Tuesday, July 8, 2014  While the storm only lasted a short while, it blew a swath of destruction in front of it. There was a short period of heavy rain, followed by high winds. Those winds are responsible for blowing down trees, snapping power lines, and just reorganizing everyone's back yards. Something to remember when a storm like this hits is to be courteous of those working to keep everyone safe and to restore order to the area afterward. Many of the residents lost power, something we are all to familiar with, do to downed wires. The LSFD was called into action to check on those wires and make sure that those around the downed wire are safe. If you see the Fire Department stopped in the road, please do not try to drive around them ,they may be blocking a live power line. If there is a barrier set up in the middle of the road, it is to STOP you from going that way. Normally this is done because of an unsafe condition on the road ahead. Getting out of your car and moving the barrier so you can proceed is NOT a safe thing to do. Please go around. 

The most important thing when a storm hits is your safety, the LSFD is always trying to look out for your safety and your help will make all the difference. Think safety and you should be safe.