Lower Southampton Fire Department

Learning the ropes of water


Thursday, June 19, 2014  The members of the LSFD conducted training tonight on many of the tasks needed to use the fire trucks and hoses. While this may sound simple, just turn on the water and put the wet stuff on the red stuff right! WRONG, it takes a lot of coordination and thought into fighting fires while using the different types of delivery methods. First off, how much water are you getting from the fire hydrant? Then the driver needs to keep an eye on how much each line if using. When talking about a master stream like the one in the video, that can be upwards of 1000 gallons per minute! If you are only getting that much from the hydrant, that is it! No more lines can be used. Then we need to talk about the control of the actual fire hose. When you consider that there is anywhere from 90 Pounds per square inch (PSI) to 150 PSI coming out of the nozzle, well that can be something to handle. Training like we conducted tonight can make all the difference in both the drivers and the Fire Fighters that are holding the hose. Everyone plays a part when we arrive at a fire, and when everyone does their part well, we can save people's property and in extreme cases, people's lives!