Lower Southampton Fire Department

Gas line break


Sunday, June 29, 2014  The Lower Southampton Fire Department was called into action for a PECO natural gas line that was hit by a contractor. The contractor had called to have the area marked and even with those marking, hit the pipe. It was not determined if the markings were accurate or not. The pipe ruptured and was ignited by a spark. While this sounds dangerous, it was a blessing in disguise. Why you ask, the gas coming out of the pipe was burning as it left the pipe. If that gas was not burning, it could have built up in the area and then "exploded" when it found a source of ignition. That could have come from anything, a pilot light in someones home, a passing car, anything that provides a source of ignition! The line was eventually shut down and only the worker that struck the line was injured slightly. He received some burns on his exposed skin when the line first ruptured.  

Watch it burn here: youtu.be/a_SebGdeHSk