Lower Southampton Fire Department

Construction Woes


Wednesday, August 1, 2012  As everyone in the township knows, crews have been working on Brownsville Road every weekday replacing the sewer pipes. While this has proven to be an inconvenience for some, the work is definitely needed. Unfortunately, this construction comes at another cost, today a 3/4 inch natural gas service line was struck and broken during the road construction. Trevose and Lower Southampton Fire Departments responded and stood by until a PECO crew arrived and secured the gas leak. This has been the third break since the construction began. There were no evacuations during this incident. Even with this being the third incident of its kind, there have been no major problems related to the leaks. We ask that everyone be patient with the delays, drive safely when going through the neighborhoods to avoid the construction, and understand that the job will be done before you know it. Thank you and stay safe!