Lower Southampton Fire Department
Smoke Detector Request
Smoke Detectors Request Form.pdf Smoke Detectors Request Form.pdf
Title : Smoke Detector Request Form
Date uploaded : 08/31/2012
File Details : Use this form to request your free smoke detector installation from the Lower Southampton Fire Department.
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newsletter ls6fd 5-13.pdf newsletter ls6fd 5-13.pdf
Title : Quarterly Station Newsletter Volume 2 Issue 2 May 2013
Date uploaded : 05/15/2013
File Details : Check out our quarterly station newsletter highlighting events upcoming and past, member interviews, station history and station news.
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Community Downloads
top10winterfreezetips.pdf top10winterfreezetips.pdf
Title : Winter Weather Tip Sheet
Date uploaded : 10/25/2013
File Details : The National Fire Protection Agency has provided some helpful tips on how to prepare yourself and your home for the upcoming winter months. Please take the time to download the document attached and consider these tips for you and your family to help prevention fire related emergencies
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halloweensafetytips.pdf halloweensafetytips.pdf
Title : Happy "Safe" Halloween
Date uploaded : 10/25/2013
File Details : Trick or Treating is not all fun and games. The National Fire Protection Agency has provided some safety tips to keep in mind while you or your child is running around this Halloween in his or her costume. Please take the time to download the file attached or visit www.nfpa.org to find out more information.
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newsletter ls6fd 7-29.pdf newsletter ls6fd 7-29.pdf
Title : Station Talk Quarterly Newsletter - August 2013
Date uploaded : 01/15/2014
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newsletter ls6fd 12-27.pdf newsletter ls6fd 12-27.pdf
Title : Ststaion Talk Quarterly Newsletter - January 2014
Date uploaded : 01/15/2014
File Details : Welcome back and welcome to a new year with the Lower Southampton, Station 6, Station Talk newsletter! Thanks for continuing to read our newsletter. We hope you learn a little bit more about fire safety, the fire dept and our members each issue we print. Have a great year!
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Microsoft-Word-Premise-Alert-Form-8-13.doc.pdf Microsoft-Word-Premise-Alert-Form-8-13.doc.pdf
Title : PA Premise Alert System Form
Date uploaded : 07/11/2014
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Application to LSFD
Application packet to LSFD.pdf Application packet to LSFD.pdf
Title : Application to the LSFD
Date uploaded : 05/22/2012
File Details : This application packet is for Prospective New Members. It includes the instructions for application and all forms needed to apply.
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