Lower Southampton Fire Department

Lower Southampton Fire Department Apparatus

Current Apparatus

Chief 6


This Ford Expedition is outfitted with a command center in the rear cargo compartment to be used at an emergency scene as the command center. The vehicle can carry 5 personnel including the driver to the scene. Its primary use is by the Chief so he can respond directly to the scene and get there before the other fire apparatus so he (or she) can determine what the emergency is and how to best handle it.  

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Deputy Chief 6

  Chevy Tahoe

 This vehicle is able to carry 5 personnel to the scene in a climate controlled cab. It is equipped with tools to control and manage emergency scenes and can be used as the command center.

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Quint 6


 This Quint carries 6 Fire Fighters to the scene and is equipped with a 75 foot main ladder, over 100 feet of ground ladders, 900 feet of large diameter supply hose, 600 feet of 3 inch supply hose, 3 cross lays using 2 inch hose, and a bumper line. The apparatus also carries 500 gallons of water. The pump is 1500 gallons per minute. This truck also carries the Jaws of Life to cut through cars or anything else we need to get open. It is used as a multipurpose vehicle and can complete the tasks of an Engine or Ladder whichever is needed. 

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Rescue 6


Rescue 6 is a 2002 Pierce Quantum with seating for six. This truck is a multifunction truck with Engine & Rescue capabilities. The trucks engine capabilities comprises of 750 gallons of water and a 40 gallon Class \"A\" foam tank with a top mount 2000gpm pump. The truck has four attack lines for fighting all types of fires from 100ft to 400ft, as well as a mid-mounted monitor for defensive attacks. This truck also carries 5” and 3” hose for supplying the truck with water. The truck also carries ladders and 4 saws. The trucks Rescue side has the capability to do auto rescue with a pre-connected Amkus spreader and cutter, a portable hydraulic generator to power 2 more tools along wi...

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Special Service 6

  Ford F-550

This apparatus is dual function piece. It is equipped with an air cascade system to fill SCBA's on the scene of a fire. It has firefighting tools and air packs for 6 firefighters. It is also equipped to support diver and swift water personnel on the scene of a water rescue. It can carry a total of 6 personnel including the Driver and Officer as well as dive or swift water gear on shelving designed for this purpose. In addition, this vehicle tows a utility trailer carrying additional tools and equipment when needed. 

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Engine 6

  Pierce Dash

Engine 6 is a 92\' Pierce Dash with seating for six. This truck is set up to fight fires while also having equipment for other emergencies. The truck has 750 gallon tank and a 20 gallon class a foam tank, with a top mount 1750gpm pump. This truck has assorted hand tools and fans, mid mounted monitor for defensive attacks as well as a \"Booster\" reel line and 4 attack lines from 100ft to 400ft for putting out fires. This truck also carries a portable hydraulic generator with a combination tool in case it comes across a accident with someone trapped in the car. This truck also had EMS equipment and an AED (automatic external defibrillator). This truck runs first out on all structural fires...

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Marine/Field 6


 This vehicle was designed as a field truck to fight brush fires in remote or hard to reach areas. It carries 100 gallons of water and is equipped with a portable pump and hose reel. When the department has a water rescue call, this vehicle is used to tow the departments boats (Marine 6). It can carry 2 personnel to the scene. It was recently sold after several years of service with the department.

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Utility 6

  Ford Excursion

This vehicle is a 2003 Ford Excursion XLT and has the Triton V10 motor and an automatic transmission. It is 4x4 with front lockout hubs. The vehicle assisted the department in running QRS calls and fire calls. It also had the ability to tow one of the marine rescue/emergency response trailers. This vehicle was recently sold.

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